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Living Mastery - Workshop
  • Do you find yourself caught up in everyone's drama?
  • Do you feel as though you are the only Lightworker around?
  • Are you experiencing problems at work or relationship issues?
  • Are you questioning what is the true Reality?
  • Does if feel as if someone changed the game plan and you never received the memo?
  • Do you feel you may be under energetic or psychic attack?
  • Are you feeling like something big is missing from your life?

Living Mastery is about seeing the Mastery in you as well as those around you. It is about understanding at a cellular level that you are not a victim in your life. It means maintaining your connection to Spirit and following Spirit with each breath and each step. It is about being an affecting Lightworker, not a reactive human, living Heaven.


As we speed toward 2012, we are in a period of enormous energy shifts and transformation. Things are moving quickly and our ability to affect our reality is magnifying. Now is the time to get our vision in order.
During this workshop we will talk about how energy and the laws of the Universe work. We will work at releasing blocks that are holding you stuck. We’ll discuss the tools and techniques that can help you manifest Heaven on Earth.


Please join me and other Lightworkers in two days of work and play that will permanently shift the way you create your reality.


Your host for this workshop is:

JJ WILSON is the embodiment of Archangel Seraphaiel and a member of the Council of Ein Soph. Seraphaiel is the essence of the Force of Revelation. She holds the space for people to gain insight about who they are and what their function is. In essence she helps people reveal themselves to themselves. In addition, Seraphaiel functions as a lens – focusing new programs into the planetary hologram. So when she consults with people, she takes what is revealed and inserts it into the hologram.


These are just some of the things you’ll gain from the workshop:

  • Know you are connected to your Spirit and the people around you.
  • Rekindle your passion, happiness and enjoyment of life.
  • Experience a new inner calm – know how to keep yourself centered.
  • Keep yourself out of the karma/trauma/drama of everyday life.
  • Connect with other Lightworkers in the area – know you are not alone.
  • Stabilize and smooth out your relationships at home and at work.
  • You will gain knowledge about your purpose here – know your next step.
  • Live Heaven more now!



To be determined.



To be determined.

Denver, CO - or organize a group of 12 or more people in your area.



“Just standing in her presence you understand who you have been speaking to on the phone for years, you feel her full power before you, her calm, her serenity, her absolute mastery and oneness. It makes you laugh, it makes you a little intimidated at first, it makes you want to cry for relief, she is so lovely. Seraphaiel is the living example of Mastery; that’s why she can do what she does, hold the space for others.”
Asharia NYC, NY



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