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Seraphaiel is an Archangelic member of the Council of Ein Soph. Seraphaiel is the essence of the Force of Revelation, her function is to hold the space for people to gain insight about who they are and what their function is. In essence she helps people reveal themselves to themselves. In addition, Seraphaiel functions as a lens – focusing new programs into the planetary hologram. So when she consults with people, she takes what is revealed and inserts it into the hologram.

Since 2000 Seraphaiel has been consulting for clients from around the world who are seeking ease and grace on their spiritual path. As co-owner of Alchemical Mage and co-creator with Zarazaiel and the Council of Ein Soph, she also infuses many of the potions and oils produced by Alchemical Mage.

Seraphaiel, also known as Sera has been working with the potions since Tashira Tachi-ren developed them in 1991. She began distributing the potions in 1994. She is the co-owner of Alchemical Mage, with her husband Swami Kavyo and she primarily handles the frequency-based products. She is the guardian of these frequencies. She makes sure that they stay impeccable and in the highest service to the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

As part of her Divine Function, Seraphaiel has developed Mysterium Sacred Oils. The oils are encoded with access into the Divine Mysteries.

The recipes, frequencies and encodements for the oils are transmitted from the Council of Ein Soph and various Father Universes through Sera and Kavyo.




Swami Prem Kavyo

S.P. Kavyo is the co-owner of Alchemical Mage. Kavyo's essence is Divine Righteousness. His heart is filled with a fierce love that evokes and requires the highest integrity, mastery and divinity of himself and those around him. His Divine Function of Dynamic Structural Capacitor allows everything to regenerate, expand and manifest in its highest potential in relationship to Universal Law and Form. Kavyo now brings all of his magic and precision to the dissemination of books and CDs and other products in alignment with the universal goals of the Council of Ein Soph. Under his and his wife Sera's guidance, Alchemical Mage is now distributing all of the products worldwide.




Alchemical Mage Co.

Alchemical Mage has been distributing the Tools, Techniques, Potions, Elixirs and essential oils since 1994. As representatives of the Council of Ein Soph, Alchemical Mage, in co-creation with the Council, is in service to protect the frequencies of the potions and elixirs and to continually bring forth new tools and technologies to assist with the ascension process. We are privileged to be in service to the planet and its inhabitants.



Our mission is to provide tools of integration and reality creation to assist in bringing the frequency of oneness into our physical bodies. We have many co-creative partners in this work and their products are also available on our site. As we find products that are made with the same kind of frequency, care and love as our products - they are added to our store.

As you look through our web site, you might want to check each section for new products. Since we are always adding new items such as tapes, CDs, potions, elixirs, oil blends, crystals, gemstone jewelry and more. The "Other Products Section" has new goodies that make great gifts or just a present to yourself.

We hope you enjoy the Resources Section of our site and find new and interesting items to bring magic into your life and assist in co-creation of Heaven on Earth.



Alchemical Mage Vision

We believe in the sovereignty of each being and that all change and personal growth comes from within. We understand that not only do we create our own reality, but also that there are as many versions of reality as there are beings on planet.
Within these parameters, it is our goal to provide tools and technologies that will assist in co-creating Heaven on Earth.
We feel that the information in our books and tapes is beneficial in these times of shift and change. The potions, oils and other frequency-based products provide energetic help as our bodies take in more light.
As we understand co-creation, this does not mean total agreement with every picture of reality - but that through a common vision - Ascension through love, joy and light - we are all part of this process. Since all of us are part of All That Is - we understand that separation is only an illusion. It is not our choice to judge other pictures of reality - we choose to see all other beings as Masters.
In our picture of reality, Ascension happens joyfully - through love and laughter. At Alchemical Mage, we will continue to love, laugh and create - and co-create Heaven on Earth.