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Transpersonal Transformation

Hi Everyone!

I have spoken to many of you about this workshop. Transpersonal Synergy is coming up in April. We have negotiated a group rate at a local Inn. For those of you signed up, there will be a separate email with all of the details.


Transpersonal Synergy 1 & 2

Developed in over thirty workshops and many private sessions,this material contains some of the most powerful, practical, life changing models and techniques ever developed by the Council of Ein Soph. These concepts are widely regarded as the most intellectually accessible and personally transformative of our group work.  These tools give immediate insight into how your inner reality determines the quality of your personal relationships and strengthens your connection with Spirit.  Living transpersonally, and co-creating in evolutionary synergy, is an essential part of living Heaven on Earth.   

It is important that you pre-register for these workshops so that materials can be prepared for you in advance. This workshop has a notebook.

Transpersonal Synergy 1: Transpersonal Relationships

Being transpersonal means that your primary relationship is with your own Spirit, and that all interactions with others flow from your Spirit.  This assists you to fully manifest your Mastery and Sovereignty, and to fully embrace the Mastery and Sovereignty of other people.  We will use specific techniques to open into Mastery and to deepen communion with your own Spirit as “The Beloved”.   We will show you how to exalt your personal relationships into greater love, intimacy, and appreciation.  When you live transpersonally, all your relationships support the manifestation of individual and collective Divinity. 

Transpersonal Synergy 2: Transpersonal Groups

Understanding group synergy makes co-creating Heaven on Earth much easier.  Coming together in groups can be tricky.  We have all been in groups where everything flowed. So, everyone felt like they were in love with the whole group. And, we have all been in groups where everything was struggle and strife.  This happens because groups can operate in evolutionary synergy or devolutionary synergy. The type of synergy is dependent on whether everyone in the group is tuned into following Spirit.  Whether you are trying to create something as exalted as a Planetary Light Center, or you are simply attending a local parent-teacher meeting, understanding synergy is helpful. By learning to be aware of the spiritual signature, group energy dynamics, vision, and individual functions, you can consciously shift the energy higher in any group situation. 

Prerequisites: Higher Light Integration, Sacred Body Integration

Dates: Friday thru Monday, April 6-9, 2012

Times: 12:30-6:30

Location: West Linn, OR

Cost: $555

To sign up call 503-655-1477 or email us at liveheaven@comcast.net.



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