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Merlin's Field Spin Exercise


This exercise is a good one to use when you would like to clear your fields of any emotional or mental stress factors. It is especially useful in calming down instinctive center fears.

If your fields are Unified, request that your Spirit separate the Unified Field (this is one of the few occasions when you may wish your fields "de-Unified").
Set your intention to spin your Emotional Body field, as fast as it will go.

As it spins, you may become conscious of density or thick energy spiralling up, as if pushed by centrifugal force. Keep spinning it until you feel all of the stuff rise to the level of your 12th Chakra (about 3-4 feet above your head).

Release the denser energy to Spirit, requesting that your Spirit repattern the energy to a higher expression for you.

You may feel a pulling sensation at the top of your field--just let Spirit have it! Slow the spin of your Emotional Body field. After about a minute, you may become aware of new energy flowing down into your fields from your 12th Chakra. This is the repatterned energy flowing back to you.

Now, repeat the process for your Mental Body.
When you have completed that, Unify your chakras again.

Most people report feeling much calmer and more at peace after doing this exercise.