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Mysterium Sacred Oils -


Infused through J.J. Wilson


Mysterium Oils are made from an extremely stable base oil. Apricot Kernel Oil is chosen because it has no preservatives and it has a long shelf life.

It is also from a sustainable source unlike oils that are sourced from whales or other animals.

The essential oils that are used are chosen for the highest frequency, and are combined with gem oils, intuition and love. All oils come in 1 dram bottles.



How to use the Mysterium Sacred Oils



Mysterium Sacred Oils are all designed to work synergistically with the potions and with each other. They can be added to massage oils or lotions, or apply a drop or two on any chakra. It is also helpful to apply these to any area in the physical body where energy is "stuck" or where you would like that particular energy. Add a drop or two to your bath water, or a spray bottle of distilled water and mist into a room. As with the potions, you can place a drop on a bell, gong or chime to resonate the vibration throughout the room. You can place a drop on any kind of amplification grid.
The oils are great for use in meditation or rituals. The best usage recommendation is always follow your Spirit when using the oils. The oils are intended for external use only. And a drop or two is usually sufficient.
All of the oils described here are for spiritual use only. These are not medicines and no medical use is suggested. These oils come in one-dram bottles. Suggested Uses for Practitioners Mysterium Sacred Oils will lend themselves beautifully to use by bodyworkers and practitioners doing energy work. They are especially nice in combination with the Potions to optimize your sessions.

CLARITY can be used on the crown chakra to facilitate opening to higher energies while working or on the hands to be sure that the energy flow from practitioner to client is of the highest integrity possible.

GLORY can also be used on the crown chakra to open the higher chakras and strengthen the connection with Spirit.

HILARITY on the throat chakra keeps things on the lighter side and will reveal the Cosmic Joke at the most unexpected moments!

LOTUS LOVE allows you to see through the heart of God. Creates an opening for magic to happen in sessions with your clients. Creates a space of absolute unconditional love.

MAJESTY is wonderful on the heart and crown chakras to be in contact with the unique mystery and magic of yourself and your client to facilitate the work you are doing. It is also good on the foot chakras to open to the majesty and beauty of the Earth while doing specific earth work, such as Feng Shui, for example.

TRANQUILITY is especially good on the upper chest to soften incoming and outgoing energies while interfacing with the world in general. It makes being in public places much more graceful and easy.