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The InterGalactic Café
An Energy Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Light Body

By zho-de-Rah and Zon-O-Ray

08003 - $16.95


You can, literally, cook up a molecular storm with the InterGalactic Café's specially developed recipes for infusing your terrestrial food and drink with light. The recipes produce restructured atomic and subatomic auric field effects and have a wonderful spin-off too - you go for a photonic spin into the new intergalactic YOU!

Cleansing and clearing technologies in The Therapeutics Guide assist the physical, mental and emotional bodies to fuse with the spiritual body. You can shapeshift back into your perfect and perfectly divine etheric blueprint. The Guide not only shows you how; it stands by you with every breath you take, every move you make and every step you take.

The Guide is written in two languages - English for the left brain and the encoded symbols of the Language of Light for your unified whole brain effects. These light symbols carry the higher light power into the human body and set in motion the molecular spin rates encoded in your DNA expressly for this moment in time - Light Body Lift-Off!

The InterGalactic Café Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Light Body will hold your hand while you dance right outta the night and right into that light.