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Notice of Changes
Effective June 1, 2006


J.J. is the co-owner of Alchemical Mage. She primarily handles the frequency-based products. She is the guardian of these frequencies. She makes sure that they stay impeccable and in the highest service to the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. J.J.'s essence is the Force of Divine Revelation. She acts as a lens for focusing new Divine Programs into existing holographic structures. As part of her Divine Function, J.J. has developed Mysterium Sacred Oils. The oils are encoded with access into the Divine Mysteries. The recipes, frequencies and encodements for the oils are transmitted from the Council of Ein Soph and various Father Universes through J.J.



Alchemical Mage Co has reached a plateau in its evolution. We can remain stagnant, unchanging and limit our ability to serve our customers, or choose to grow and expand. We choose to go higher! In order to achieve this, significant changes are needed.

As always our primary focus is on the tools and technologies of the Council of Ein Soph. One way we will be expanding our outreach is by activating our newsletter – bringing you updated information from many different contributors. Also, in response to requests from our customers, we will be adding new products.

Our long time customers will note that prices for our products have not changed in more than a decade. However, during that time, production and shipping costs have more than doubled. So the most immediately apparent change will be that we must increase our prices to accurately reflect the real cost of creating and shipping our products.

All of our Potions, Elixirs and Oils are hand-poured, labeled and sealed. None of the potions, elixirs or oils are mass-produced. We take great care with the frequencies of each product, so the individual essence stays pure.

For more information on why we consider protecting these frequencies by pouring them individually is so important you can check out the power of frequency in water at: www.masaru-emoto.net

In order to address these increases, please note the following changes:
Effective June 1, 2006

  • Potions and Elixirs will be $22.00.
  • Mysterium Sacred Oils and single tapes will be $14.98.
  • All Angelic Outreach single CDs will be $22.00.
  • Angelic Outreach Double CD Sets will be $55.00.

These prices include shipping and handling charges for all orders from within the continental United States and Canada. Please see the order form for the prices of sets and other items.

The number 22 carries the energy of Alchemy, Universal Transformation, Inspiration, Expansiveness, Vision, Building and Foundation. At the direction of Spirit and the Council of Ein Soph, this is the frequency that Alchemical Mage will move forward with.

We look forward to growing and expanding together with our customers. We appreciate all the support we have had from you over the years. Let’s all choose to take it higher.

**We are announcing the price increase in advance for the benefit of our customers and we are allowing FREE shipping for all orders placed prior to May 31, 2006. Shipping will be by DHL Ground. Other methods of shipping are available upon request for an additional fee.

International Customers:
Shipping and Handling charges will be added to your orders per the chart on the Order Form. For Internet orders, the shopping cart will calculate shipping and handling charges. You may wish to check with the reseller in your area to see if it results in a savings to order from them.

You can download our orderform as a PDF file here:
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