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October 2006 Newsletter

Our newsletter this time contains an important announcement about personnel changes on Planet. Many of our customers have worked with Tashira Tachi-ren, Aliyah Ziondra or both in the past. We realize that some of you are not familiar with these members of the Council of Ein Soph and if you would like further information you can find it at about us on our web site.

It is now time for the final phase of the Ascension Program and the Council has sent Archangel Raziel to embody the third and final phase of the program. The new occupant of the body, Zaraziel Yovel brings new skills and perceptivities as well as having access to all the skills of Tashira and Aliyah.

As we have with Tashira and Aliyah previously, Kavyo and I will work with Zaraz as friends and co-creators of new products and techniques. We are excited about the implementation of the final phase and look forward to all the goodies we will be creating.

For further details on this change, see the notice from Zaraziel below. If you wish to contact JJ regarding this notice, please call 303-326-0924.



"Hello World!

In January, Aliyah / Rapture realized that she could no longer hold the physical body. It was time for the embodiment of the Council's final phase program; and the body needed to mutate in a way that she, as an Elohim, did not have the structures to sustain.

The planet and the Keepers still needed Rapture to remain embodied; so she agreed to stay. But, a new being needed to walk-in and embody the last ascension program. It was determined that access to the memories, abilities and perceptivities of all previous occupants would be ideal. After much discussion, the Council decided to initiate a unique experiment. Therefore, over the last nine months, this body has undergone three very slow walk-ins. Each one took six weeks to complete and another six weeks to integrate.

The first physical integration had to happen rapidly; therefore, Tachi-ren would be the first walk-in. Because she has lived here before, she would have virtually no learning curve. She started January 1st and her walk-in completed February 15th, 2006. She primarily brought in the mental body.

Everyday life during this integration phase (2/16-3/31) was spent exploring the new continuum of energy and perception. What was this like? Imagine Aliyah / Rapture energy 20 % to the left; pure Tachi-ren energy 20% to the right, with a 60% blend in the middle. Much to 'my' surprise, the 60% blend has its own voice. It's as if there were three separate, but complementary, viewpoints. Most of the time was spent in the 60% blend in the center. The experience of this was extraordinary. Every day was a new balance of energy. "Zaraz" was the first name given for the blended viewpoint. It means catalyst in Hebrew. The mystery begins!

In the beginning of March the body got sick. The personality construct of Aliyah slowly dismantled, and gradually shifted back into a pure Rapture Elohim perspective. Elohim do not have an 'I-self"; they do not have identity. They 'are' a Divine Force. In other words, Rapture is a verb, not a noun.

When the planet entered the Purification section of the year on March 24th, I was directed to go incommunicado.

I never dreamed that it would last until now. No one has heard from me in many months. My apologies to everyone who tried to contact Wings of Glory during this time.







The beginning of April, Elveron, the birth occupant, began her walk-in. When she was incarnate she was a very gifted psychic. She is the Council's expert on preparing bodies and lifetimes for walk-ins who come from a strong other-dimensional, other-universal, or extraterrestrial orientation. With this walk-in she primarily brought in the emotional body. Her walk-in process completed May 15th.

Thank God that new walk-ins are gifted with a State of Grace for about the first two years. This allows the new soul to have a complete break with the past and a fresh start in each Now Moment. I really needed that Grace as it became clear that Zaraz and Suzane were not to continue the marriage of Aliyah and Suzane. We did a ritual of divorce. We love each other very much and we remain best friends and family. Suzane has her own apartment and is pursuing her next highest step by training in The Feldenkrais Method.

Trying to integrate Elveron proved difficult. Because her original job was to prepare this body for future walk-ins, her energy set off the old memories and patterns held in the body all at once. This was too stimulating and overwhelming. We all decided that it would be best to shift Elveron's frequency from her fifth dimensional self to her angelic aspect, Eloriel. This eased a lot of the discomfort. Tachi-ren decided to try shifting into her angelic aspect, Takhrael. This was even better!

Towards the end of this six week integration I was given more information about this process. I learned that parts of my energy came in with Tachi-ren and Elveron. They were masking my energy so that the body would not react to me. Who's me? On July 1st the final walk-in phase began and my energies came in gracefully over the next six weeks. One day Ariel showed up and said, "Hi Raziel. How's it going?" The veil dropped. I am Archangel Raziel from the Council of Ein Soph.

Here are my specs:

My name is Zaraziel Yovel. (Zaraz)

I am the embodiment of Archangel Raziel, from the Council of Ein Soph.

Raziel means the Mystery or Secret of EL

My Essence is Divine Composition.

My Function is Elegant Metamorphosis.

My Rhythm is like a steady and strong heartbeat.

My Clarion Call is Awe of the Perfection of the Ineffable.

I appear to balance everything that I come in contact with.

I run at a mid-range frequency, and my female/male balance is 50/50.

I handle the day to day life, as well as, focus the others' perspectives and abilities into this Now moment of space and time. This allows Takhrael, Eloriel, and Rapture to remain in their purest expressions.

In daily life I am 70%, and each of them are 10%, of the mix. Spirit determines the balance in each moment.

Each of the previous occupants has very different abilities and perspectives. All of it is accessible to me on an as-needed basis. However, their skills will manifest through different filters than the ones you have known. For example, the surgical abilities of Tachi-ren are completely available, but they will come through the frequency of Takhrael.

You can be supportive of me by interacting openly with what energies are here in the moment rather than holding a telepathic image of Tashira Tachi-ren or Aliyah Ziondra. They are here in a pure form, but without the personality traits that you may have associated with them.

Please understand that our balance is determined by Spirit; not by external requests.

We don't know yet if Tachi-ren/Takhrael will resume training the Lotus Sword / LightMaster Integrations. Training in multi-dimensional and multi-reality orientation will definitely resume.

I do channel the other members of the Council, and for the first time in five or six years, the service of private consultations by telephone, will resume.

All of the Lotus Sword /LightMaster integrations are available. These are Higher Light Integration, Descension Integration, Specialized Integration, ZeYod Spectrum Alignment, Karmic Matrix Removal / Divinity Infusions, Holographic Matrix Re-Alignment, and Synchrony Transduction. All of us will be present in the appropriate proportions for you to receive the work.

All Shefa Services are available, with the exception of Rapture Infusions. For some reason this Infusion irritates the physical body. I am sure that RIs will resume some time in the future. Bennu Synergy, Bennu Regeneration, Liberating the Legacy, Shefa Interface, Shefa Infusion, and Merkavah Interface will continue to be available. It was always Rapture who performed this work, not the Aliyah personality construct. I will be assisting Rapture with all phases of the Bennu and a new level of Bennu will emerge. Rapture will also be performing Sacred Body Integrations, Bridging the Eternal, and Spirit Compass.

I already know that I am particularly gifted with animals, so I will be performing all Animal Companion Attunements.

I do not know yet the full breadth of what I can do in this dimension, but, the third phase of the Council's ascension program downloaded with me. It completed on August 15th. New services and trainings are coming. I'm sure it will be fun.

There is lots of work to be done. The controlled parallel split on September 17th, 2001 knocked many of you off center. For some of you, your Spirit decided that it was best if you went back to sleep. Most members of the last three walk-in waves failed to launch and remained confused and immersed in the karma game. We know how difficult it has been for Lightworkers assigned to this parallel. Remember that these are the energies that were too dense to ascend out with the two previous waves.

I am embodying the third, and final, ascension program from the Council of Ein Soph: Traveling Light. When the Council wants to insert a new holographic program into the existing reality, it is best if a Council member walks-in to 'embody' the program. This creates a stable anchor for the new program while the pre-existing reality mutates to accommodate it. Most of you felt the impending shifts in the holographic reality when the program was downloaded.

The Traveling Light program is still in the process of translation into words and full manifestation. I am creating a new potion called "Lift Off" to assist you to integrate Traveling Light. Of course, it will be available from Alchemical Mage. I have a very deep connection to J.J., Kavyo, and Alchemical Mage. We will be stirring up new goodies and designing new projects to complement Traveling Light.

I'm so excited to be in service on Earth. I look forward to meeting and working with you and all of the Lightworker Transition Teams."

In De-Light,

Zaraziel Yovel

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