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"Green Light" Days
by J.J. Wilson


J.J. is the co-owner of Alchemical Mage. She primarily handles the frequency-based products. She is the guardian of these frequencies. She makes sure that they stay impeccable and in the highest service to the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. J.J.'s essence is the Force of Divine Revelation. She acts as a lens for focusing new Divine Programs into existing holographic structures. As part of her Divine Function, J.J. has developed Mysterium Sacred Oils. The oils are encoded with access into the Divine Mysteries. The recipes, frequencies and encodements for the oils are transmitted from the Council of Ein Soph and various Father Universes through J.J.



So, I can’t procrastinate any longer — somehow despite some weird writer’s block, I’m determined to finish an article for our newsletter. For those of you who are keeping track, the newsletter is now already several days late. I’ve wracked what is left of my brain to come up with an interesting, witty — or at least pertinent subject.

One subject occurred to me yesterday when I began thinking about "green light" days. I was having that kind of day. I was cruising with the flow of traffic and life — no red lights to slow me down. It helped remind me that those kinds of days still exist. There are so many days when everything is hectic and it seems impossible to keep caught up (time really is collapsing). As an experiment, I focused on the "green light" experience. I allowed myself to feel in the flow fully. I pulled the feeling in — all the way into my body. I’m still in the experimental stage with this — but my plan is to try and expand the "green light" days so that I begin to have weeks and then maybe months of this kind of flow. (At the very least one or two days like this a week would be great.)

One trick I also finally figured out is to surrender when days seem totally at odds with my plan. As I’m stuck in traffic — running late to some appointment, I just breathe deeply and remind myself that I can’t change what’s happening in the moment, but I can change how I’m reacting to it. I have discovered that I don’t get somewhere any sooner if I rant and rave and feel totally stressed. When things get too hectic, sometimes the answer is to take a break — or a nap if necessary. Getting myself centered and rejuvenated definitely allows things to flow much more easily.

We often spend so much time and energy trying to force things to go our way, that we forget to surrender, relax and allow things to go Spirit's way. Sometimes this is also true of spiritual growth. We can try to force things — which generally doesn’t get us too far. Or we can relax and allow.

The concept of surrendering and allowing has been the hot topic in the correspondence I’ve received from our customers over the last month. Some people are having a tough time with the concept of surrendering. People can get pretty frustrated (or worse actually go into depression) trying to get through a particular "stuck" place in their evolution. (I would encourage all of you to read the article this month called "Feeling Stuck" as it deals with just this situation.)

I’d also like to remind everyone that the Ascension process and our spiritual evolution should be done with as much fun and laughter as possible. In my belief system, this should not be a hard process. I know that every step may not be a good time. But judging from the email I receive, people frequently make this all much harder than it needs to be. I find some of the self-talk that people use downright scary. "It’s part of my karma to suffer." "In order to be spiritual, I have to be poor." "Mutation has to be painful." "I just want to get off this planet."

Part of the process, as I understand it, is to bring Heaven here to Earth. That means that we can’t just get off this "rock". If we’re bringing Heaven here, then all this pain and suffering has to be given up. Sometimes it seems that we’ve made the hard way so much a part of how we operate, that we forget about the "green light" method.

Let’s give humor and fun a chance. Watch a really funny (even dumb) movie. Not everything we do has to be profound. Get together with people we love. Family of choice can always cheer us up. Someone asked me once if I meditated and prepared for the ascension, or just went about my daily work. My answer was "yes". Some days my work is my meditation. I haven’t pulled myself out of the world — I focus on bringing spirituality into the everyday experience. My life has become so much richer since I realized that spirituality exists everywhere. I hope that I can continue to have my "green light" days — combined with spirituality and laughter.

I wish love, light and laughter to everyone!